Aquarius Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

Aquarius Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

The Aquarius star sign is very open to everything that is new and he always tries to realize himself. If he no longer gets this self-realization and has to deal with the same things in the same way again, then he becomes unhappy and desperate. But it is precisely this restlessness and the constant search for new stimuli that holds the great danger for Aquarius of completely differentiating itself from others. The Aquarius is known for his desire to seek the extraordinary and extreme and to enjoy life to the full. It doesn't matter to him whether it goes up or down.

The personality of the Aquarius

People with the sign Aquarius can be shy and calm, but also eccentric and energetic. In both cases, however, it is very profound, intellectual people who always want to help others. As per the Aquarius personality, they like to be independent and follow their intuition and gut feeling rather than their logic. The Aquarius star sign are quite unprejudiced and approach things in an unbiased way. From time to time people with the zodiac sign Aquarius need a certain amount of time for themselves to recharge their batteries. As the Aquarius traits show, an Aquarius has a very great imagination and always sees a light on the horizon. Aquarians are air signs and have a lot of thoughts. When he is unmotivated, he gets bored and quickly feels listless and lets things slide. People with this sign feel most comfortable in a group with friends and family and tend to be constantly surrounded by other people. People born under the star sign Aquarius love freedom and independence and do not like it at all when they are restricted or constricted. At first glance, they often appear arrogant, cold, repellent or even heartless, but the Aquarius characteristics are purely a defensive mechanism and only a façade. When they trust you and you know them better, it changes and they show emotions, which takes time.

The strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarius

It is easy for a person with the sign Aquarius to win round other people. All sympathies are for him and everything seems to fall into his lap by itself. Nothing is impossible for the Aquarius, he trusts completely in his abilities. He is filled with an infinite thirst for knowledge and loves aesthetics. He knows exactly what he likes and dislikes, but often cannot justify it. The Aquarius finds true happiness in being together with others. He is committed to public affairs and a loyal and faithful friend. On the other hand, however, it is difficult for Aquarius to accept boundaries. He has such a high opinion of himself that he floats above everyone else. A brutal egoism can be the result. This leads to dangerous and volatile relationships with the environment. He lacks understanding for money and regular work, he lives a completely unbound life according to his principles.

The Aquarius in friendship and love

A person with the Aquarius zodiac sign is attracted to intellectual people. Nothing attracts him more than deep, witty conversations and this means more to him than any passion. In the partnership they appreciate it very much if the partner knows how to handle their direct and honest way well, which is not always easy however and tolerance is in demand. The Aquarius also appreciates openness, communication, imagination and willingness to take risks and wants to see a perspective in the relationship at all times. When you enter into a relationship with an Aquarius, honesty and sincerity are very important for a long-term relationship with this dynamic person. Although the Aquarius likes to keep his distance, friendships are very important to him. For his family and friends, he sacrifices himself and would give the last shirt. They are very sensitive and vulnerable and appreciate qualities such as creativity, intelligence and integrity. An Aquarius will not make friends with humans if, in his opinion, something in that person bothers him.

How does the Pisces act and feel in everyday life

For a man with the Aquarius star sign, anything is possible. His spirit is flexible and provides an original, if not ingenious solution for every challenge. His attention is focused on the future. He loves to deal with countless future possibilities in his imagination. The past, in which nothing can be changed anymore, interests him little. The person with the zodiac sign Aquarius thinks of himself as something special, but without looking down on other people. To him, all are equal. He rejects hierarchies and meets his fellow human beings without prejudice and with a pronounced team spirit. The freedom, which he takes out to shape his life individually, is granted by an Aquarius man or Aquarius woman. Rules and norms leave him cold and he lives as he pleases, no matter what fashion, decency, social obligations or laws dictate.

What makes this sign of the zodiac so precious

The human being with the Aquarius zodiac sign can certainly be described as a pioneer for mankind. Like no other, an Aquarius deals with the future and the possibilities offered to mankind. For Aquarius, all human beings are brothers, regardless of skin color, religion and social origin, and he wants them all to live happily ever after. For this reason, a person with the sign Aquarius is fully committed to humanitarian goals. The Aquarius knows how to be completely himself, to cultivate his personal lifestyle and at the same time to give every fellow human being the feeling that he is also a unique individual. He has a sharp mind, inventiveness, improvisational talent and originality, which makes him unique in a way.