Attract a Aquarius Man | Personality of Male Aquarius

Attract a Aquarius Man in Love + Personality of Aquarius Male

If you want to conquer an Aquarius man, you must not expect deep feelings or outbursts of wild passion. This man is an innovative free spirit and you have to be more a friend than a lover for him. The first meeting with him should therefore take place in a place that arouses his curiosity and provides the subject for discussion. If you get too close to the Aquarius man on your first date, you'll bury your chances of conquest right away. The Aquarius man loves his freedom and you should not push him to anything or force him into any norms. This would deprive him of his strengths and miss the opportunity to get to know an extraordinary Aquarius man personality better.

What does the Aquarius man like on the first date?

If you want to conquer an Aquarius male, you should make sure on the first date that you approach the matter completely relaxed and easy. The Aquarius man doesn't like it when emotional pressure is built up. The first date should take place in a place that arouses his curiosity and is not too lonely and secluded. If there is already too much togetherness in the game at the first meeting, he will quickly flee. It is important for the Aquarius male to have a conversation partner in front of him, with whom he can talk about his progressive thoughts and who understands him. An Aquarius man is an innovative freethinker and appreciates the unconventional. Ideal places for the first date are therefore exhibitions of modern art or a technical museum. Here you will quickly notice the enthusiasm this man is capable of, as long as you don't wait for him to show his passion. You have to lure the Aquarius man with unusual things to get him out of himself. Therefore, also an exotic restaurant comes into question for a first date with him, if you also have interesting things to report about this meal.

Deep feelings are not to be expected

The Aquarius man usually loves everything that is extraordinary. An Aquarius man makes high demands on life, he wants to experience as much as possible and often shows restless behavior. Nevertheless, he is very strong and very safe inside and there is little that can really shock him. The Aquarius man loves his freedom and it shouldn't be taken from him. This applies to both the private and professional spheres. You should never try to force him into a tight system, because that takes away his strengths. If you let him be, he'll have a lot of ideas. For the Aquarius man there is nothing worse in life than boredom and he needs a partner who provides variety. He is very tolerant and actually a very friendly person, who is seen everywhere gladly and also very much desired as a family man. Already on the first date you should be more his girlfriend than his object of choice, because this is the first step to really have the Aquarius man in love. His deep feelings and wild passion will be sought in vain, but at all times the Aquarius male is a partner you can absolutely rely on.