Cancer Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

Cancer Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Traits of the Star Sign

A Cancer star sign is regarded as a person with a lot of feeling and sensitivity. He is made to give deep and true love, to show a lot of sincere joy, but also to suffer a lot. He's very vulnerable, and he needs to be treated with care. Cancers have a strong tendency to flee into a dream world if they don't succeed in realizing their dreams because of their very pronounced fantasy. Cancer always needs a world in which it can retreat if necessary in order to forget everyday life. For a Cancer, a relationship with a lot of affection and security is extremely important and becomes a special topic in life.

The personality of the Cancer

The Cancer personality shows, that the Cancer zodiac sign often acts very intuitively and is very sensitive with his fellow human beings. Cancers sometimes seem a bit grumpy, but this is just a kind of protective facade. If you know it a little better, then this wall around it will crumble, stone by stone. Cancers are incredibly emotional people and they also show these emotions. You can always tell from the Cancer whether it is happy, sad, cheerful, good or bad-tempered. Cancers are very emotional people and can therefore put themselves in the position of other people very well. Therefore, they are often blessed with an extremely high emotional intelligence. A person with the zodiac sign Cancer is under the influence of the moon and this sometimes tempts him to behave a little strangely. He does not like criticism of his own person at all, nor does he like direct contact with apparent misconduct. A Cancer is very sensitive to other people and expects the same behavior from its fellow human beings. The Cancer-born is sometimes introverted and opens himself only very carefully towards his fellow men. He describes things and likes to make hints; clear announcements are not necessarily his strength. When the Cancer opens and speaks, listen to it carefully and do not interrupt it. This man opens himself to his fellow men only very carefully. He describes things and likes to make hints, clear announcements are not necessarily his strength and when the cancer opens and speaks, then you should listen to him attentively and not interrupt him at all.

The strengths and weaknesses of a Cancer

The Cancer traits shows that the people with the zodiac sign Cancer are very sensitive beings who are very familiar and faithful partners, whether Cancer man or Cancer woman. They are helpful and caring towards their fellow human beings. A person with the zodiac sign Cancer has a lot of imagination and can therefore accomplish a lot of creative things. But of course, a Cancer star sign also has its disadvantages and especially its weaknesses cause its fellow human beings’ problems from time to time. This is why, a Cancer-born can be very introverted and full of self-doubt. In many cases he tackles his everyday tasks quite anxiously and always has something melancholic about him. Especially the capriciousness that a Cancer shows over and over again, provides disharmony and tension.

The Cancer in friendship and love

People with the zodiac sign Cancer are distinct family people and give excellent parents and their own family simply goes above everything. Cancers are extremely familiar people who attach great importance to a cozy home and like to permanently beautify it. At home and in the circles of their family they feel safe and simply most comfortable. In loving the Cancer is very gentle and caring and he needs a partner who has a lot of understanding for him, especially on the emotional level. A Cancer would like to have a partner with a strong sense of family, who is not too ambitious and is by no means superficial! Cancers go to a lot of trouble in an intact relationship and approach things with the utmost commitment. He makes friends only very carefully and only if he trusts someone absolutely. Loyalty is also something that Cancer expects and values from its friends.

How does the Cancer act and feel in everyday life

The sign of the zodiac is a creature with roots. It draws him towards his homeland, for there he finds his security and protection, a place to which he likes to retreat again and again. He is a family man with all his senses, so he cares for his fellow men with care and participation. His own family happiness has a high value for him, he lives up in the family and sacrifices almost everything to preserve this family harmony. Rarely do you know how a Cancer-born person really feels, because he is reluctant to give price to what is on his mind right now. He keeps his soul life top secret, doesn't let anyone touch him, often plays the unapproachable.

What makes this sign of the zodiac so precious?

The warm-hearted Cancer character provides like a good mother for the well-being of all. If you want to relax and lean back a little, a person with the zodiac sign Cancer will welcome you to his cozy home. He takes care of his subjects, listens to their worries and gives everyone a piece of home in his warm kitchen. A person with the sign of the zodiac Cancer addresses the emotional side of fellow human beings. Through a laugh, a friendly word or a gentle touch, he invites everyone to show their feelings and to engage in closeness. Even if he can be as spontaneous and cordial as a child and address the childlike side in each other, he can also sacrificially care for others. From the depth of his mind, he intuitively knows what each individual needs to feel comfortable. In this way he creates security for himself and for others.