Capricorn Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

Capricorn Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

The Capricorn sets high standards for himself and wants to make everything perfect. This leads to the fact that instead of enjoying life, he often puts work to the fore and thus also puts his fellow human beings to the test, because he expects the same performance from them. The Capricorn is considered a contemporary who is very serious and always faces reality. For him there is clarity in almost all areas of life. For the Capricorn, security and down-to-earthiness are very important, as is the characteristic that he organizes his life with foresight by always setting himself clearly defined goals.

The personality of the Capricorn

Professionalism and traditional values are very important to a person with the zodiac sign Capricorn. The Capricorn personality is very practical and masters all the challenges of life in a simple way. Capricorn people are very conscientious and purposeful and often have success in private and professional life due to these positive Capricorn characteristics. The Capricorn is like the Taurus and the Virgo an earth sign and therefore also very down-to-earth. He places great emphasis on tradition, family and discipline. The Capricorn is a master of self-control and has enormous leadership potential. The Capricorn is under the influence of Saturn. This helps the Capricorn to concretize and enforce his abstract ideas, to take responsibility and to think practically. They work hard to achieve a goal and save their money for the future or for worse times. They have a very stubborn character, and when they have chosen a path, they rarely allow other people to dissuade them. Intolerance is one of the negative Capricorn characteristics, which can be explained by the traditional way of thinking of this sign of the zodiac. He finds it difficult to accept other opinions and thinks that only he knows the solution to a problem and only he can solve it. The Capricorn likes to have everything under control and also the control over other people. He forms a judgement fast and also some prejudice, besides, Capricorn cannot forgive easily.

The strengths and weaknesses of a Capricorn

What a person with the sign of the zodiac Capricorn has put into his head, he also does. He is strong-willed and carefully weighs his goals. His enormous ambition and diligence have brought him professional success. He is also very faithful and a good friend in his private life, because once you have gained the trust of a Capricorn, his loyalty is constant. The enormous strength of will that a person with the zodiac sign Capricorn has can become stubbornness and his thriftiness can become pettiness and stinginess. He tends to be pessimistic and is not very flexible. That is why he usually sticks to habits and traditions throughout his life, without developing further. The Capricorn cannot easily reveal his feelings and therefore often reacts egoistically, cold-heartedly and petty. His deep distrust of people makes it difficult for him to arouse sympathy.

The Capricorn in friendship and love

A person with the Capricorn star sign takes all things in life very seriously. As per the Capricorn traits, this also applies to him in matters of love, where no difference is made. People born under the sign of the zodiac of the Capricorn usually do not fall in love head over heels, but must recognize an added value for themselves in a relationship. A relationship with a Capricorn means: few words, many deeds and above all a lot of work. People with the zodiac sign Capricorn are very generous to their partner, honest and always pure of heart. Through his intellect, humor and loyalty, the Capricorn is a real enrichment for family and friends, because for family and friends he knows no limits and would do almost anything! He loves nothing so much as the company of his loved ones and enjoys spending time with them. He rarely expresses emotions and feelings, he prefers to act.

How does the Capricorn act and feel in everyday life

Rules and hierarchies are a obviousness for a person with the zodiac sign Capricorn. He has principles that shape his lifestyle and from which he does not like to deviate, even if this makes many things unnecessarily difficult for him. The Capricorn needs tasks that challenge him. His achievements give him the feeling of being a valuable member of society. The Capricorn not only sets himself ambitious goals, he also considers what steps he must take to get there. Don't anyone stand in his way. With iron discipline and perseverance, he walks straight towards his goal. He is too hard and strict with himself and others to give in to a momentary whim and deviate from his path. So, feelings, games and fun are rather neglected, which can often have a negative effect on private happiness.

What makes this sign of the zodiac so precious

You can fully rely on a person with the Capricorn zodiac sign. As the Capricorn traits show, there is any case, he will keep what he promises and will not make empty words. In his field he is absolutely competent and conscientious. He likes to take responsibility and fulfils the expectations placed in him. Thanks to his extremely disciplined and structured approach, a person with the zodiac sign Capricorn performs enormously. He is always concerned about the cause and with this attitude he can celebrate many successes.