Pisces Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

Pisces Sign: Characteristics, Personality, Traits of the Star Sign

A Pisces star sign are considered to be very sensitive people, but they also have a lot of imagination and are real philanthropists. But a Pisces can also be influenced very quickly by the negative things in the world and react very strongly to them. They take part in the misery of people and rather help them than indulge themselves. Pisces are quite calm and more introverted beings and need a certain constancy in their life. They try to avoid any dispute and always try to understand their fellow human beings and their actions.

The personality of the Pisces

The sociability belongs to the outstanding Pisces traits of a human being with the zodiac sign Pisces man or Pisces woman. Pisces man or Pisces woman have following Pisces traits: He or she loves company and make friends with various characters. They are appreciated as good listeners and conversation partners and have a lot of understanding. As the Pisces personality shows, the Pisces like to serve other people as spiritual and moral support, but they are not leaders. Pisces are watermarks and incredibly emotional and profoundly thinking people and they often act accordingly. Pisces are under the influence of Neptune and are therefore very intuitive and have a very high artistic talent. The Pisces is a religious symbol in many cultures and stands for the ongoing life cycle, evolution and development of vertebrates and humans. Pisces have a high intuitive understanding of the life cycle and thus have the best emotional connections with other living beings. They should pay special attention to their immune system and their feet, because these are their physical weak points. Unfortunately, Pisces are very gullible people and are often disappointed or hurt by their fellow human beings. They take the problems of people close to them very seriously, sometimes it can also be very stressful for them. Influenced by Uranus, the Pisces sometimes takes on the role of a martyr in order to gain attention. In order for them to feel comfortable in their lives, they have to learn to set healthy limits!

The strengths and weaknesses of a Pisces

One of the strengths of people with the zodiac sign Pisces is undoubtedly that they are very sensitive and gentle. With a lot of patience and tolerance they dedicate themselves to the worries and problems of their fellow men. In general, the social vein is one of the great strengths of people born under the sign of Pisces. The idealism of these people and the modesty they show is also worth mentioning. In addition, Pisces count as very homeland-linked and they have a strongly distinctive romantic vein. But people with the zodiac sign Pisces can also show their other face and then weaknesses such as jealousy and submissiveness come to light. A person who is born in the zodiac sign Pisces also shows much anxiety in everyday life and very often the life of these people is quite chaotic.

The Pisces in friendship and love

Deep down inside, Pisces are incorrigible romantics. They are very loyal to their partner, gentle, unconditionally generous and emotionally strong. In a relationship they are head over heels in love, doing everything for their partner and trusting him almost blindly, so to speak. For love they sacrifice almost everything that is of course the perfect breeding ground for disappointment! Due to the many positive Pisces characteristics, they are often the best friends you can wish for. To help friends, they often neglect their own needs. No problem is too big for them - they are very compassionate, always do their best and are dedicated to friends and family. Pisces deal openly with their feelings and expect the same behavior from their fellow human beings and they love spontaneity, attentive and personal gifts and especially communication.

How does the Pisces act and feel in everyday life

Faith and trust are at the heart of a Pisces' emotional world, which is why it generally distances itself from noise and conflict situations. These safety measures are necessary because Pisces, although they may not appear to be, are unaffected by the effects of the environment and can easily be carried away by it. These opportunistic qualities often make the Pisces star sign seem naïve or even back straight, but on the other hand they create harmony between different parties and give the Pisces the mystical abilities to change at will. Pisces-born people usually have much easier access to the mystical than the remaining eleven zodiac signs. Responsible for this is the planet Neptune, which opens the gates to dreamers, visionaries and idealists. The shimmering blue to turquoise planet also reflects in color the Pisces characteristics, whose strengths lie above all in the spiritual and in dealing with the peculiarities of consciousness. The zodiac sign Pisces therefore embodies the spiritual side of man like no other.

What makes this sign of the zodiac so precious

People with the zodiac sign Pisces long for the harmony and unity of lost Paradise. They are imaginative and have a markedly romantic disposition, which is often associated with a great love of nature and music. A person with the zodiac sign Pisces has hardly any ambitions, his assertiveness is rather low, and so he easily becomes a victim. In an effort to be one with the environment, the Pisces hardly separates itself and does not show any clear contours. You never know exactly where you're at with him. He's not fighting. If something doesn't suit him, he withdraws, but is still there for you when his help is needed.