Attract a Sagittarius Man | Personality of Male Sagittarius

Attract a Sagittarius Man in Love + Personality of Sagittarius Male

If you want to conquer a Sagittarius man, you should be aware that you will not experience romantic security with this man and that you will not bring a sensitive lover into your house. The Sagittarius man loves adventure, he needs variety and on the first date he will make it clear without much fuss what he wants and what to expect from him. The word marriage will frighten him deeply, because his freedom is more than just important to him. The Sagittarius man does not value the big and deep feelings and for him the fun simply stands in the first place.

What does the Sagittarius man like on the first date?

If you want to conquer a Sagittarius male, you have a good chance if you like openness and freedom of movement. Furthermore, you should know the Sagittarius man personality. The Sagittarius man loves this very much and you can feel it on your first date. The Sagittarius likes clarity and already at the first meeting he speaks openly about what he wants and what he expects. This openness can then either be disarming, or one shocks and flees. If you want to conquer a Sagittarius in love, you shouldn't hope for the romance of your life with the best will in the world, nor should you believe that you have found a sensitive lover in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius man wants fun and adventure, and he wants to get down to business after the first date. You should already be concerned with the qualities of a Sagittarius man, because he is not one who sits at home behind the stove and enjoys the familiar togetherness there. He's looking for adventure, he wants to go out into the world and experience something. If you share this passion with him, then the Sagittarius man can be a good choice as a partner. But you certainly know after the first date what you're dealing with, because he won't fool you.

Not made for a marriage

The Sagittarius man searches for visions and likes to let his mind wander into the distance. He believes he has unlimited possibilities, believes in his dreams and can remember his childhood wishes even in old age. In the private sphere, the Sagittarius man enjoys conquests, so he is not exactly made for marriage. He wants his relationships to have a touch of something special, of something great. This also applies to his profession, in which he is just as eager to change as in his relationships. He has little interest in the tedious detail work and this is also the case in the relationship in which he does not like to deal with problems. For this reason, it often happens that he overlooks important details and the partner is annoyed again and again. But his courage never dries up, for he cannot help but believe in success, for he knows only too well how well he is received by the opposite sex. The Sagittarius man is looking for fun and so he can have a relationship for a long time without really being in love. When he gets his money's worth, that's good enough for him and he certainly doesn't want more, because freedom is more than just important to him.