Scorpio Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

Scorpio Sign: Characteristics, Personality + Traits of the Star Sign

The Scorpio is a very passionate person who is neither willing to compromise nor to do things by half. He wants to explore everything exactly and is always on the search for a secret and unknown thing. He really doesn't shy away from anything, is almost always belligerent and at times quite uncomfortable. Diplomacy is certainly not his strength, and he never holds back his comments and remarks. Even when dealing with him, he has absolutely no understanding for dishonesty and secrecy.

The personality of the Scorpio

Even if people with the zodiac sign Scorpio seem a little cold on the outside, you can be sure that they are the Scorpio personality is very passionate and full of emotions. The greatest Scorpio traits are passion and emotions, but he expresses his feelings in a very own and special way. The Scorpio is also very discreet and can keep secrets entrusted to him very well for himself. Scorpios approach all tasks very energetically and with much passion and master all life situations with a lot of ingenuity and bravura. They are extremely strong people and lead the way in all situations in life and one can say that their natural leader has already been put into their cradle. The Scorpio star sign is under the influence of the planet Pluto. This very slow rotating planet also gives the Scorpio the necessary strength and inner peace and a very great understanding of the universe and life. Scorpios are often very opaque, temperamental and impatient people who should not be irritated or lied to. This provokes a person with the Scorpio star sign immensely and ensures that it has a very great distrust of you and probably carries this forever in itself. Scorpios have to learn that people have different characters and that they cannot only be catalogued in good and evil.

The strengths and weaknesses of a Scorpio

A person with the Scorpio star sign is very profound and is constantly searching for a higher truth in life. He is passionate and almost fanatical about his ideals. It's easy for a Scorpio to cast a spell over others. Egoism is foreign to him; his will and self-control are strong. Sometimes a person with the sign of the zodiac Scorpio does not succeed in restraining his enthusiasm and then he quickly becomes unrestrained. A Scorpio man or Scorpio woman appears to many people cool and cruel, whereby his cruelty arises from his desperate search for the inner world and does not express himself violently. Scorpio is prone to vindictiveness and is difficult to reconcile after a quarrel, because he does not tolerate his ideals being scratched.

The Scorpio in friendship and love

There is a lot going on under the hard shell of the Scorpio, to discover this abundance of emotions and secrets can be a real-life task for a partner, because you will always discover new, surprising sides to him. A Scorpio is the most sensual and passionate sign of the zodiac. The intimacy and foreplay for them already take place outside the bedroom, and once the Scorpio has gained confidence in a partner, he is incredibly loyal and faithful to him without end. If you have earned this trust, then you should by no means treat it lightly. People with the zodiac sign Scorpio are very jealous and once you have disappointed them and aroused their distrust, it usually remains forever. Scorpios attach great importance to their partner being intelligent and always honest with them. The Scorpio has a distinct sense of family and is usually also the untouchable, leading head of the family. The Scorpio also wants his friends to treat him fairly and honestly, and he also feels very comfortable in an intellectual environment.

How does the Scorpio act and feel in everyday life

A person with the star sign Scorpio is marked by his strong will. His world is the world of spiritual images, ideas and ideals. His fixation often holds him so captive that he is constantly tempted to adapt reality to his ideas instead of the other way around. He is then more willing to go through fire for his ideas than to give them up again. For what is important to him, the Scorpio is also always ready and able to suffer, whether there is a need for it or not. With the same severity with which he can act against his own feelings and feelings, he can of course also act against everyone else. His cynicism is feared and he almost instinctively always knows exactly where the sore spot of the opponent is that he is aiming at with his sting. Whoever has a Scorpio as an enemy knows for sure what it means to have a powerful enemy.

What makes this sign of the zodiac so precious?

A person with the zodiac sign Scorpio searches beneath the surface for the things that are not right and draws all laziness to light. He deals with the area most people either turn up their noses or look away anxiously. Basically, people with the star sign Scorpio have the ability to help others through crises and exert a healing influence on them. It is precisely by uncovering everything that causes illness in such a consistent and seemingly unfeeling way that they open the door to a better world for themselves and others.