Attract a Virgo Man | Personality of Male Virgo

Attract a Virgo Man in Love + Personality of Virgo Male

On the first date a Virgo man will be very discreet and present himself as a cavalier of old school. But one should not be deceived by that, because in reality he is a sly dog. There is hardly a woman who does not look after this man, because he is already an impressive appearance. In order to have the Virgo man in love, you should take it slowly and discreetly. All too clumsy remarks should be avoided at all costs and you should pay attention to a correct and orderly appearance as well. In terms of the Virgo man personality, he wants to know where he's at with someone and doesn't like surprise packages.

What does the Virgo man like on the first date?

If you want to conquer a Virgo male, you should create a harmless atmosphere for the first date. Perhaps in a cozy cafe near a museum, because then one already has a first topic about which one can talk. The Virgo man likes it very much on the first date when it's a bit discreet. But one should not be deceived by this controlled behavior, because the Virgo man is really a sly dog. He is educated and well-groomed and there are only a few women who do not look after him. Nevertheless, he won't let anyone look at his cards on the first date and present himself as a cavalier of the old school. He doesn't like it when someone makes lewd or clumsy remarks so early, because that frightens him more. On your first date with a Virgo man, you should also avoid dressing too flashy or even shrill. He doesn't like that at all and he'll notice that bluntly. He likes it when someone is neat, clean and elegant in appearance. Above all, this man shuns the unknown and you only have a chance with him if he realizes that you are not full of surprises, but know what you get.

He needs time

The Virgo man begins his day cool and deliberate. He's got an exact schedule that he's scrupulously adhering to. Often, he is also the first to appear at work every morning. He attaches great importance to a sense of duty and correct behavior. He appreciates both good conversation and manners. He does, however, take his time to make friends. Before he makes friends and comes out of himself, he observes first. Well planned processes impress him the most: "The Virgo man loves to plan - be it the holiday, the move or the course of the weekend. Therefore, it is no wonder that his fellow men sometimes consider him petty. You just have to be patient with the Virgo Man until he opens and this will most likely not be the case on the first date. But for him it's a good sign when someone makes it clear that in a relationship you have to roll up your sleeves and work on the relationship. He will like that and then he will also show interest in a partnership over time. It should never be forgotten that the Virgo man is dealing with a mental sign of the zodiac and the first way to conquer him is through the spiritual path.