Descendant Sagittarius – Meaning and Characteristics with the Ascendant

Descendant Sagittarius – Meaning and Characteristics

A person with the descendant Sagittarius is someone who needs a lot of freedom in life and wants to maintain a high degree of independence in a partnership. A relationship must offer spiritual quality, but also lightness and enterprise. Jealousy is usually not an issue for these people because deep feelings for him do not play such a big role and he attaches more importance to friendship and cordiality in the partnership. But they need a partner at their side who has the necessary tolerance and a sense of justice.

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Easy to deceive

A person with the descendant Sagittarius needs a lot of independence and freedom, but they are fair enough to grant this to their partner in a partnership. In a partnership you look for intellectual quality, but you also want lightness and entrepreneurial spirit. Jealousy does not play such a big role for the descendant Sagittarius in a relationship, because he prefers more a cordial and friendly partnership. A relationship should not be too close and too full of feelings, because this would inevitably lead to problems. The partner should be able to give joie de vivre and give abundance to the relationship. A person with the descendant Sagittarius is easily impressed by the great gestures of other people and in many cases, they are easily deceived. So, it is not surprising that in the descendant Sagittarius joy and suffering are very closely in the relationship. For this reason, it is also important to have a partner at your side who has a sense of justice and tolerance. If this is the case, then the necessary happiness should also be present in a relationship and this relationship should also be lasting, without it becoming too boring for the descendant Sagittarius.

Not the great romantic

A person with the descendant Sagittarius needs variety instead the opposite Ascendant. He needs movement and he only feels comfortable when something is going on around him. He needs it just as much as the air to breathe. The descendant Sagittarius has absolutely no difficulty making new contacts and many find it simply enchanting. He usually talks a lot, but does not reveal much about himself. For other people it is sometimes very difficult to assess him correctly, because often he himself does not know exactly what he is doing. He's got a way of going through life with two masks. For the person with the descendant Sagittarius everything that lasts too long is boring and he constantly needs new impulses and new impressions. They love life with all its facets and are therefore always on the move in order to be able to experience as much as possible. The person born in the descendant Sagittarius cannot necessarily be described as a romantic who shows much emotion. He doesn't like to commit himself, not even in a partnership. He's always thinking that maybe something could escape him.