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Tomorrow's Chinese horoscope: Free for all chinese Signs

The Chinese horoscope has always been a key element of the Chinese tradition and of people's everyday lives. Unlike the Western horoscope with all its different formats like the horoscope of the day, the week, the month and the year, the main focus of the Chinese horoscope isn't placed on forecasting possible events and tendencies but on analyzing and interpreting the characteristics and the personality of an individual. The same applies to specific versions like the Chinese horoscope of the day. The Chinese approach to astrology is generally based on the philosophical and religious tradition of the “Dao“, or “Tao“, and not on science and star observation, which is all the more reason why any Western mind should get acquainted with it, since the Chinese horoscope can provide a completely new perspective on all areas of life.

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Ancient Chinese philosophy as a foundation

Chinese astrology is quite different from our understanding of the same matter. While Western astrology is based on the motions of heavenly bodies, Chinese astrology can be seen as an offshoot of ancient Chinese philosophy with all its very special fields and complex ideas. Hence, the Tomorrow's Chinese horoscope includes a huge variety of Daoist teachings like the doctrine of the Five Elements, the Yin-Yang principle, the Ten Heavenly Stems as well as the Twelve Earthly Branches, the Lunar Calendar and, basically, the Dao principle according to which the world order is based on the harmony between the human being and the Universe. All these aspects come together in the creation and interpretation of the Tomorrow's Chinese horoscope, which also applies to specific formats available on this page, as is the case with the free Tomorrow's Chinese horoscope.

For the sake of completeness, it might be worth mentioning that the twelve earthly branches, which symbolize the twelve Chinese signs and therefore are the basis for the Chinese calendar, have originated from a legend about Buddha. According to the legend, Buddha called all the animals of the world to join him for a really big New Year celebration, but only twelve animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig – followed his invitation. Buddha rewarded these twelve by naming one calendar year after them in order of their arrival, which is why the Chines zodiac cycle starts with the Rat and ends with the Pig.

The Chinese horoscope based on Daoist principles

The principles of Daoism are the foundation of the Chinese horoscope, and that includes also the Chinese horoscope for tomorrow. Hence, the doctrine of the Five Elements and the principle of Yin-Yang are a central element of all formats of the Chinese horoscope. The peculiar thing about Yin and Yang is that Yin expresses female qualities like softness and a receiving attitude, whereas Yang stands for the male principle, which is energetic and tough. Considering the complexity of these two seemingly opposed principles, it becomes obvious that in the Chinese understanding of life and the Universe, Yin-Yang is not just reduced to astrology and horoscopes. Same thing with the Five Elements, which are not seen as static states but as a fluent process of constant transformation and evolution. In the context of the Tomorrow's Chinese horoscope, the Five Elements are also the key to enhance the strong sides and to balance out the weak points of a person's character. Therefore, it's worth remembering that beside the classical Western forecasts like the daily horoscope, the weekly horoscope or the monthly horoscope, the insight provided by the Chinese horoscope can be quite revealing for the interested reader.