Free Chinese Horoscope

Free Chinese Horoscope

When compared to our Western horoscope, the Chinese horoscope shows some basic similarities as well as some fundamental differences. For one, the Chinese zodiac also comprises twelve signs, but as opposed to the Western zodiac, the Chinese signs are all animal signs. Besides, every Chinese animal or zodiac sign is assigned to a specific set of calendar years and not just to one month, as is the case in Western astrology. Also the basic astrological elements for the creation of a horoscope are quite different from those used in our system. In Chinese astrology, the main importance isn't placed on the sun but on the moon, which has a decisive impact on the twelve animal signs. Finally, the Chinese horoscope doesn't focus on predicting the future but on analyzing the personality of the individual with the help of the different zodiac signs and with constant references to philosophy.

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The elements of the Chinese horoscope

Like our Western horoscope, the Chinese horoscope has twelve symbols, but unlike the symbols used in our astrological school, the Chinese only use animal symbols, which are said to be inspired by Buddha. Legend has it that Buddha called the animals of the world to join him for a New Year's celebration. Surprisingly, only twelve animals followed his invitation and Buddha rewarded them by giving each of them as a gift and in order of their appearance one calendar year over which they could rule. Needless to say, however, that the Chinese horoscope consists of more components than the animal symbols. They are important but there are other elements to be considered as well. Probably the biggest difference between the Chinese and the Western horoscope is that the Chinese horoscope doesn't claim to make predictions, which is why it is used only very rarely as a forecasting tool. Hence, it doesn't focus that much on the possible evolution and the future of a person that is born, for instance, under the sign of the Rat, but rather on the individual himself with his special and unique properties, skills and talents. In other words, the personality, the natural state of a human being and – not to forget – philosophy are the main points of interest of the Chinese horoscope, whereas the Western horoscope focuses more on prospects and predictions.

The four pillars of the Chinese horoscope

The Chinese horoscope is based on four pillars or columns, which are also called the “Four Columns of Destiny”. These are the year, the month, the day and the exact hour of birth of a person.
• a person's year of birth
• a person's month of birth
• a person's day on birth and
• a person's exact hour of birth.

Each of the four pillars contains two characters, which symbolize a Heavenly Stem and an Earthly Branch, and gets assigned an animal and an element. Within the four pillars, the Year column refers to ancestors and early age, the Month column to parents and growing age, the Day column to the individual himself, to the spouse and to adult age, the Hour column to children or late age. Looking at all these assignments and combinations, it becomes quite clear that Chinese astrology is very complex, extensive and profound and that it provides a different type of information to the interested reader, who can get the Chinese horoscope for free on this page. Checking the love compatibility between two people based on the four pillars is also a pretty exhaustive procedure, as we have to deal with 16 characters: two for each column, multiplied by two. All things considered, finding the right match with the help of Chinese astrology is considerably more complicated than with our Western horoscope system.

Further decisive components of the free Chinese horoscope

In addition to the elements described above, there are other components that are essential for the creation of the free Chinese horoscope. Hence, the Five Elements Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal are absolutely indispensable for the process, as in the Chinese horoscope every zodiac sign is composed of these five elements, one out of which is always active and therefore has the biggest impact on the respective human being. Another key factor of the Chinese horoscope, which at the same time in another huge difference between Eastern and Western astrology, is the importance of the “Large Hour”, which refers to a two-hour period as a result of dividing the 24 hours of the day by the 12 animal signs. So the definition of a person's zodiac sign – be it Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig – also depends on the exact time of birth of that individual. Beside the Five Elements and the Large Hour, the Five Cardinal Directions are another important factor to be considered. These are the four geographic directions as we know them, North, South, West and East, plus the Center. Similar to that, the Chinese add a fifth season to their year, which is interconnected with the other four. So according to Chinese astrology, the seasons are Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Intermediate. Finally, there is the concept of Yin and Yang or yin-yang, which is another crucial element of the free Chinese horoscope. In Chinese philosophy, the Universe is based on two seemingly opposed but intertwined and complementary forces, which are represented by the well-known yin-yang symbol. The yin power, which is the female energy, is contained in the black half and is seen as dark, soft and cool. Accordingly, the white half is the yang power, which is the male energy that is seen as light, solid and hot. All signs of the Chinese zodiac are assigned to one of these two energies.

Lunar influence on the zodiac signs

As opposed to the rather poor general acceptance of the Western horoscope in our everyday lives, the Chinese horoscope has traditionally been cherished and requested in Asian societies, as they have always based their decision-making, be it major or to minor issues, on the information of the horoscope. Even today young couples use it as a reference for family planning, others use it for career moves, for financial matters and for many more reasons. Unlike the Western horoscope, the free Chinese horoscope, which is provided for free on this page, doesn't regard the sun as the central element because according to the Chinese astrological tradition, the moon is the primary force which has an effect on the zodiac sign. In the Chinese horoscope, the zodiac cycle lasts twelve years, which means that every zodiac sign rules one entire year and that the signs repeat themselves every twelve years.